Commercial Assessments

Increase productivity, create and maintain a skilled workforce. 

The NCACP Commercial Assessments offered by CITC can benefit employers in many ways. Employers use the assessments to evaluate and improve the knowledge and skill of their current workforce, target the training needs of their company for upcoming projects, or as part of their hiring process to document existing knowledge and skill of an applicant.

As part of CITC’s commitment to to training, we also offer On-Demand training based on the assessment results of your company. We will help determine what NCCER training modules are needed to fill knowledge and skill gaps, producing a highly skilled and confident workforce.

The Commercial Assessments offered by CITC are listed below. Click on an assessment to view each specification.

  Boiler Technician
→  Commercial Carpenter
→  Commercial Electrician
→  Concrete Finisher*
→  Core: Introductory Craft Skills (Entry Level)*
→  Drywall Mechanic*
→  Heavy Equipment Operator Backhoe
→  Heavy Equipment Operator Dozer
→  Heavy Equipment Operator Dump Truck
→  Heavy Equipment Operator Excavator
→  Heavy Equipment Operator Forklift
→  Heavy Equipment Operator Level One (Entry Level)
→  Heavy Equipment Operator Loader
→  Heavy Equipment Operator Motor Grader
→  Heavy Equipment Operator Roller
→  Heavy Equipment Operator Scraper
  HVAC Technician
→  Plumber
  Reinforcing Ironworker*
  Scaffold Builder*
*also available in Spanish

Industry Recognized Credentials

Individuals who pass all sections in an assessment receive Industry-recognized credentials that are maintained in the NCCER National Registry. This registry is used in the construction industry to validate the skills, knowledge, and qualifications of construction professionals. The credentials are as follows:

    • Knowledge Verified
      Requires that the individual passes all sections on the written assessment.
    • Performance Verified
      Requires that the individual passes all practical performance tests.
    • Certified Plus
      Requires that the individual passes all written and performance tests.