Pipeline Assessments

Fulfill the Federal DOT Pipeline Assessment requirements.

The Federal DOT requires all pipeline workers to qualify to work on gas and oil pipelines by completing a Pipeline Assessment every three years. CITC’s Pipeline Assessments  were developed by the NCACP and the American Petroleum Institute (API) to be DOT approved. CITC can provide the assessments at your business or job-site location. We can also train qualified individuals from your company to conduct the follow-up Performance Evaluations.

The Pipeline Assessments offered by CITC are listed below. These assessments were developed in conjunction with API to evaluate pipeline workers’ qualifications to meet industry standards based on DOT’s liquid pipeline regulations. Click on an assessment to view each specification. 

  Gas Maintenance Technician
  Gas Pipeline Operations

  Control Center Operations Technician
  Field Operator
  Mechanical Pipeline Technician

Liquid and Gas
  Abnormal Operating Conditions – Control Center
  Abnormal Operating Conditions – Field
  Corrosion Prevention Field Technician 1-Installation
  Corrosion Prevention Field Technician 1-Measurement
  Corrosion Prevention Field Technician 2
  Corrosion Prevention Field Technician 3
  Custom Pipeline Maintenance Inspector
  Custom Pipeline Maintenance Technician
  Electrical and Instrumentation Pipeline Technician
  NDT: Radiographic Film Interpretation of Pipeline Welds
  Pipeline Maintenance Technician

Industry Recognized Credentials

Individuals who pass all sections in an assessment receive industry recognized credentials that are maintained in the NCCER National Registry. This registry is used in the construction industry to validate the skills, knowledge, and qualifications of construction professionals. The credentials are as follows:

  • Knowledge Verified
    Requires that the individual passes all sections on the written assessment.
  • Performance Verified
    Requires that the individual passes all practical performance tests.
  • Certified Plus
    Requires that the individual passes all written and performance tests.