Skills Assessments FAQ’s

1. Who should take an NCCER Skills Assessment?

NCCER Skills Assessments are designed to evaluate the existing technical knowledge of an experienced journey-level worker who has received little, or no formal training. The purpose of the assessment is to identify any skill areas where additional training may be necessary. Once skills gaps are identified a “Training Prescription” is created.

2. What is a "Training Prescription"?

Based on the results of an assessment, a "Training Prescription" is generated to list the area(s) and corresponding NCCER training module(s), where additional training is recommended.

3. How do I sign my employees up for assessments?

Call the CITC office at 425.454.2482 or toll-free 1.877.707.2482 to arrange for assessments.

4. Where are assessments conducted?

Assessments can be administered at CITC; or for an additional fee, at your place of business.

5. How do I get my employee’s assessment results?

The results of your employee’s assessment are available at Prov. You will be required to enter your employee’s social security number and PIN number. Upon request, CITC will provide employers with a printed copy of their employees' results.

6. What types of questions are included on the assessments?

Each assessment consists of multiple-choice questions that are specific to tasks that would be performed on the job. Assessments are available in a written or online format.

7. How can my employees prepare for the assessments?

NCCER has a training manual available for each trade. Click here to view the curriculum of each trade. CITC can assist you with ordering training manuals if needed.

8. How much does an assessment cost?

The cost per assessment when conducted at CITC is $125. Prices are subject to change. If you would like CITC to administer the assessment(s) at your business location there will be an additional fee to cover travel time and expenses. Assessments are non-refundable; payment must be received in full before an assessment will be administered.

9. How can I conduct Performance Verifications for my employees?

CITC offers training for qualified individuals from your company to become a Certified Performance Evaluator. Contact the CITC office at 425.454.2482 or toll-free 1.877.707.2482 for more information.