An apprentice is an aspiring trades professional who is registered in an approved apprenticeship program. An apprentice works for an employer [a qualified Training Agent] to learn a trade. Looking back in history, an apprentice was legally bound [or indentured] to a master craftsman to learn a trade. So, an apprentice is a learner or novice in their chosen trade. In the state of Washington, an apprentice is registered with the Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council (WSATC).

Training Agent

Training Agents are employers. These employers have been approved by a sponsor of apprenticeship, like CITC, to train apprentices in accordance with a set of standards approved by the Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council (WSATC). Importantly, a Training Agent may only employ state-registered apprentices to perform work processes according to program standards. To their credit, a Training Agent is an employer committed to training and makes training a key element of their company’s work culture.